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A new era has dawned: the 4th industrial revolution.

This era brings infinite possibilities through technological advancements; from the Internet of Things to Blockchain, Renewable Energy, and Digitalization. These advancements can only be viewed as successful when society benefits. 

As a subsidiary of the Impala Group, and an industry leader in advanced digital enablement, our company shares a strong belief in the societal benefits made possible through digitalization and technological advancement.

INEXTO’s technology is an enabler of transparent, trusted, and ethical trade. 

From our knowledge and experience, INEXTO has developed an in-depth understanding of the complex problems facing regulators, enforcement agencies, businesses, and consumers. The know-how we have gained acts to drive our innovative mindset; ensuring that our products and services deliver on our core values: 



As a respected solution provider with a core focus on ethical trade, product performance, and project excellence, INEXTO has established itself as an indispensable partner for governments and businesses alike.

Our leading-edge solutions address business to business, business to consumer, and business to government interoperability; providing data security, as well as brand and trade protection, for our clients. More specifically, INEXTO’s 100% digital and mobile application enabled platform delivers scalable solutions for secure serialization, track and trace, supply chain visibility, and both product recall, and authentication.

INEXTO continues to innovate and develop a wide-range of products that enable us to provide comprehensive solutions and services (In Extenso), from manufacturing to the end-consumer.

Businesses, inter-governmental bodies, and law enforcement agencies alike warn of the dangers and harmful effects from counterfeiting and contraband of products to consumer health and safety. Moreover, global illicit trade is now estimated to exceed US$ 1.7 trillion by the International Chamber of Commerce’s Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (BASCAP). Illicit trade is an alarming epidemic and governments and businesses face a triple challenge:

A human health and safety challenge
Fake medicines may contain little or no active ingredients, may contain dangerous substances, or may be produced in unsanitary conditions. Children’s clothes and toys, which can be easily traded online, may contain toxic materials.


A security challenge
Illicit trade is increasingly shown by national, regional, and global intelligence and law enforcement agencies to be directly involved in the funding of both terrorist networks and criminal syndicates. Urgent action needs to be taken!

A financial challenge
Counterfeiting adversely affects employment and deprives governments and businesses of revenues that are essential for a functioning society. It violates intellectual property rights; harming consumers, brand owners, and investors.

The innovative INEXTRACE smartphone application empowers consumers to establish a trusted relationship with the products and brands that they purchase. With INEXTRACE, consumers can access detailed information regarding these products. 


With INEXTO’s solutions they can verify important information about each product, to include its authenticity, provenance, expiration date, ingredients, allergens, certifications, and relevant product claims. Consumers can also obtain useful information regarding product instructions, warranty registration, and even request after-sales service. With INEXTO, both the purchase experience and the brand owner’s direct relationship with the consumer are enhanced. 



The product itself becomes SMART!

INEXTO technology ensures interoperability between each economic actor by leveraging the open and interoperable standards of GS1. This universally recognized industry association promotes and develops a common, language based on a shared system of open standards. The GS1 standards are the most fluid and universal system in the world to facilitate the exchange of information and data for consumer products.Inexto

Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency and access to product information like :

  • Country of origin
  • Ability to verify a product health and safety claims
  • Quality, safety, Presence of allergens.

INEXTO enables transparency by providing brand owners with a wide-range of tailored solutions.