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Overcome TPD Challenges with INEXTEND Track & Trace solution

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On May 19th, 2019, The EU’s regulation to track & trace tobacco products (Tobacco Products Directive – TPD) will come into force. All economic operators producing, importing, distributing and/or selling tobacco products across the EU member states, to include the UK, will be impacted. Every pack of tobacco must be tracked and trace from the point of manufacture to the physical retail outlet and through every distribution point in between. All track and trace data must be captured and transmitted to the EU’s central data repository.

In this context, all economic operators must be equipped to :


  • Read and record the receipt and redistribution of all tobacco packs
  • Manage the disaggregation and reaggregation of packaging hierarchies (cartons, shipping cases, pallets)
  • Relabel new packaging when shipping new combinations of packaging hierarchies
  • Record the associated dispatch information and invoicing
  • Transmit all recorded data to the EU authorities within 24 hours
  • Ensure that every pack of tobacco has a continuous and auditable track and trace history.
  • Integrate with existing customer systems (WMS, IM, ERP)


INEXTEND is a cloud based mobile solution fully integrated with industry leading ruggedized scanning devices. It fulfills the TPD requirements for all economic operators throughout the tobacco distribution chain and enables integration with existing systems and transmission of data to the EU’s central data repository.