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Based on proven experience within the tobacco industry, INEXTEND enables manufacturers to overcome their distribution challenges and be TPD compliant in time by :


  • Supporting manual repacking and product returns into the factory.
  • Enables tobacco product to be tracked and traced from the finished goods warehouse through the initial distribution chain
  • Support tracking and tracing when involved in direct sales and distribution
  • Aggregation of products from packs to cartons, cases and pallets
  • Store data (product description, intended market, factory location etc.)
  • Send application, aggregation and dispatch notification to authorities
  • Utilize a proven cost effective industry leading solution


Supported Warehouse operations

  • Scan-In / Arrival
  • Scan-Out / Dispatch
  • Return
  • Inventory
  • Destruction
  • Aggregation
  • Disaggregation

Supported Van operations

  • Direct Sales
  • Vending Machines Filling
  • Trans-loading
  • Aggregation
  • Disaggregation