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Distributors | INEXTEND - TPD compliant - solution is made for you
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Distributors will face many issues across their warehouses, trans-loading, distribution, van-sales, vending machines. INEXTEND enables wholesalers and distributors to overcome all their challenges and allow them to be compliant to TPD in time by :


  • Supporting all required distribution events : warehouse, trans-loarding, distribution, van-sales, vending machines
  • Aggregation of ID’s for outers, cases and pallets.
  • Ability to construct and deconstruct bases and pallets.
  • Relabel new packaging when shipping new combinations of packaging hierarchies
  • Record the associated dispatch information and invoicing
  • Transmit all recorded data to the EU athorities within 24 hours
  • Access to certified industry leading ruggedized scanning devices : optimized to best support all required distribution events


Supported Warehouse operations

  • Scan-In / Arrival
  • Scan-Out / Dispatch
  • Return
  • Inventory
  • Destruction
  • Aggregation
  • Disaggregation

Supported Van operations

  • Direct Sales
  • Vending Machines Filling
  • Trans-loading
  • Aggregation
  • Disaggregation